The Yazoo Flood 2011

For those of you who don’t know, I currently live with my parents in Yazoo City. It’s called the Gateway to the Mississippi Delta because half the town is in the hills, half the town is in the Delta. As you know (and if you didn’t, just turn on the news!), there has been horrible flooding all along the Mississippi River. And all bodies of water that are attached to the Mississippi are experiencing extreme flooding. Yazoo City hasn’t seen a flood like this since 1927 (when most of the town went under water). Thankfully this time our levees held and protected our town. So those who live on the on the town side of the levees were protected. But the other side was not so fortunate. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have had to leave their homes out in the county. There is so much farmland that is lost, too, which is a huge part of the economy here. The Yazoo River crested on May 22. And we’re still waiting for the river to go down. My mom took my sister Libbie and I out to Satartia to look at some of the farmlands on May 30th. Libbie is a beautiful photographer, so I’m posting some of her photos. They are both beautiful and tragic. You can read/follow her blog here. All images are under copyright.

This is a field that is partially underwater. The water is slowly receding.

This is the road right after you get off the Satartia Bridge. It is completely under water.

This photo is a view on the Satartia Bridge, and there is water as far as you can see on all sides. You are supposed to see all farmland.

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