Art of the Beat

If you didn’t know, I went back to school to become a graphic designer. My “professional site” is Little Things Studio just kind of organically happened. I basically have two different portfolios – one for Little Things and one for all the other stuff. But they do overlap sometimes. And I think this piece is one of those that does. This is my self promo that I’ve been mailing out since December to various agencies and designers that I love. It has recently received some notices from the blog For Print Only and from HOW Magazine. This will be featured TWICE (oh my word!!!) in the September issue of HOW, for Outstanding Achievement and for an article on design projects influenced by music. AND HOW just awarded me a scholarship to attend HOW Design Live in Chicago June 24-27, only the coolest design conference out there. I NEVER thought I would be able to attend anytime soon! I’m still in shock. I got the email about this the day after I got back from Renegade. I still can’t believe it.

Here is the promo. And for more pictures, you can view them all on my flickr.

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