Renegade Austin Recap Round Two

Okay this will be my last post on Renegade Austin. But I just have to tell y’all it just really was a life changing experience for me. My friends were so tired of listening to me worry about going. This is what I want to be doing now. I want to stay with Renegade. I want to make a living doing Little Things Studio. And I am pretty sure that’s what I’m going to do. I met so amazing people. I made friends with really talented craftsmen and artists. And they are so welcoming and nice. I was shocked when so many of them wanted to trade with me. I came back to ole Yazoo City with so much coooooool stuff and my head full of ideas. Those were the best five days.

I didn’t get the chance to take that many pictures of all the amazing booths, so I’ve just pulled from other feeds and images. So here we go.

Andrew Le is the reason I was able to do Renegade. He brought his letterpress to Renegade and he, Tim and Dave printed custom coasters the entire two days. And they printed a set of yellow cat coasters for me!  I had told Andrew before that if you made anything with a cat on it, it would sell out because I would buy every single one of them!

(photo credit: left Renegade’s flickr, right sweetiepiepress flickr)

(photo credit: the Horn)

And this is a letterpress print I snatched from Andrew. You can buy it here.

I became friends with Nikki from the Gleeful Peacock, because I became friends with her really cool daughter Rae. I got to trade for some beautiful jewelry and a yellow flower headband. She is soooooo incredibly nice and so very talented. I love her work. Go buy it on etsy now!

Okay this next one… Get ready. Molly McGrath is one of the coolest artists. She makes beautiful jewelry. She made me the CUTEST custom yellow necklace! My fingers are crossed that I get to do another craft show with her.

This is Erin from Sunshine & Carousels. She is also from Tulsa (with Gleeful Peacock) and she is so nice. I love all of her hair pieces. So we have got to work on a trade in the future, because I need this yellow chevron heart, because that is just sooooo me. Go shopping on her etsy.

I also got to meet design Linda Ketelhut. I love love love her work. Here’s her etsy.

And here are some more photos. They had a photobooth there, so I got a break and got in the booth with Tim and Dave.

Then I got in the booth with my mini-me Rae. 🙂

I was just so lucky to be there at Renegade. I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I am really looking to do more, so get ready, Chicago! I’m looking at you next in September!


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