2014 Irish Blessings Preview


The idea for this calendar hit me one morning in early August while fixing my coffee. I had been playing with the idea of a Rain calendar. But the imagery had a long way to go. But then Irish Blessings hit me in the FACE. My great grandfather immigrated from Northern Ireland to America after World War 1. Our family inherited the estate when his sisters died so I grew up with Irish postcards, linens, even a piano from Ireland! I was named after my great great great(?) aunt Kate. And my middle name is my grandmother’s maiden name McCann. Apparently I inherited the pale skin, green eyes, and dark hair. I grew up with a bunch of my Irish books that my grandmother would collect. St. Patrick’s Day was a BIG deal at their house, too! All that to say, I knew ALL about Irish sayings and blessings. The WORDS are so happy and uplifting, I just had to use them. I’m in the final stages, hopefully sending the files to my printer tomorrow. I wanted to share a few of the patterns and blessings for you.

ALSO the calendar is a progression of a RAINBOW! Starts with red-violet in January and ends with Red in December! Because what is more Irish than a rainbow?!?! Okay, maybe a shamrock is, but you get it. 🙂





I promise to put the calendar on etsy as SOON as I get it back from the printer! And may the luck of the Irish be with you! 😉


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