New home in East Nashville


We made it to East Nashville a week and a half ago to our new home! It was a lot of work to get here. I didn’t realize how much stuff I’ve accumulated for Little Things Studio. I’m talking 70+ boxes, not including office furniture. That’s like moving three teenage girls! All that to say, the massive U-Haul we rented was NOT big enough to fit everything! We have to go back to Jackson to get more stuff.


I am so proud of Dave for driving that massive U-Haul. I was a nervous wreck, worried someone was going to pull out in front of him and not give him time to stop! And our trip which normally takes 6 hours took 8 1/2 hours because we got in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere on the interstate in Mississippi! And you might be wondering what we did with our cats? Well they were heavily sedated in our car with me! Poor Eric’s eyes were cross-eyed and his tongue would hang out a lot. It was pitiful. YES we got everything from our vet who had been taking care of them for two years so they knew the correct doses for them! They were back to normal the next morning! But y’all. Weezie normally gets carsick within 30 minutes of the ride. She throws up, cries, poops, etc. It’s not good. The medicine worked perfectly for her. I was a proud mom.

We thankfully had family and friends help us pack the U-Haul. Then we had friends to help us unload! We hired the Piano Man in Jackson to load my 550 pound upright piano, which belonged to my Aunt Helen. Then Nashville Piano Rescue unloaded it into our house. When I get all the boxes and stuff moved, I’ll take pictures of the piano, along with the rest of the house.

While it is awesome to be here, moving is tough. Dave and I have both been fighting some kinda cold/allergy/sick thing. I slept all day yesterday and have not felt that great today. And I hate being sick when there is so much to do! There are still 40+ boxes of LTS stuff to unpack. We’re battling mold and old house smell in our kitchen that has kept us from unpacking our kitchen. I have to stay off Twitter because I see so many small business girls like me talking about Christmas, rolling out their 2014 calendars, and blowing up on the blogosphere. I haven’t even started to think about Christmas. I’m still looking for my printer cartridges! It took a week to find my hair dryer! HA!

I’m having to take it one day at a time and be thankful for the little things that are going right. One thing is going well is our cats are adjusting much better than we expected! They both LOVE all the windows in the house. And we can open up the windows for them, and they can stare out the screens. It’s a little slice of heaven for those two cats.




Weezie and Eric both love the new bathroom, mainly the bathtub.


They also really love the green blanket in the living room.


I know this might not be a big year for Little Things Studio, but it’s probably the biggest year of my life to date. I know I’m going to be back to work full force with new prints, calendars, scarves, and more. It might not be as big as I would like, but it will be what I can handle.


3 thoughts on “New home in East Nashville

  1. Stacie says:

    Kate I am so happy for you! I must say, savor this time! Don’t worry about not having holiday stuff ready. I wish I could make myself slow down & enjoy life more. P.S. so sad you’ve been sick! Feel better!

  2. Nancy Cornett says:

    I came to your blog via a Pinterest pin for your (lovely!!) silk scarf in the post below. But when I saw your cat pictures I had to comment. I am a cat lover and have 2 cats who look very much like yours. Your close up picture of the kitty in the window who is looking down is one of the best cat pics I’ve ever seen! It seems to capture her perfectly. Well done.

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