Our Wedding Post 1

We just got our first round of photos from our photographer! They are amazing. There are SO many awesome ones that I’m just going to break this up in several posts. First is pre-wedding and wedding photos. Theia Mingo knows how to use natural light. And it is so evident in these photos. I have been a fan of her work for years. I’m so honored and thrilled that she said YES to working for us!

I’m putting the much anticipated wedding program online. My friend Andrew Le said this was probably the best wedding program he’s ever seen!!!! For those of you know him, you’ll know he’s a man of few words and does not say things he doesn’t mean. I couldn’t stop smiling after he told me that. AND I’m finally showing a picture of my ring. I didn’t have a picture until now that did my ring justice. Y’all. It’s beautiful. I still look at it and am wowed. And my sweet husband picked it out without me even giving him a clue as to what I’d want.

You can view 200+ photos on Theia’s site. And she wrote the sweetest post about our wedding here. Hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Our Wedding Post 1

  1. Tommie Stewart says:

    I remember the day you were born…Cynthia and I taught together and we were all so excited for her. After a few weeks, she came by the school and let us look into the car but not get too close…then when she came back to teach, she went home to shower and change clothes before she picked up her little bundles…You were, and are still, so precious, unique and outstanding. I am so pleased that you are so successful in your business venture. I am so happy that you found the guy that God had for you. You will make each other happy for the rest of your lives. I love you and will pray for you two as you live you life with God in the center. tommie stewart

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