Wedding Patterns

Designing for my wedding has been one of the toughest things I’ve had to do in my design career. And for those designers out that have done it, I SALUTE YOU! There is so much pressure, not from other people, but from yourself. I felt this huge weight of expectations on how awesome it should be. That kept me frozen for about 3 weeks unable to make any design things for the wedding, when we had a SHORT engagement! I just think about how much I could have done if I had 8 months to plan… FRONT page of Martha Stewart Weddings. Heck, Martha might have wanted to come! haha!

I finally was able to start working. I am so pleased with how my invitations turned out. I’m going to share those photos and process when I’m married and am not so frazzled. And of course I had to make some patterns to be used in the wedding. I wanted to share some of the patterns I made that I’m using for our DIY photobooth. Hope you enjoy!

OH! I forgot to put this on the blog. A few weeks ago, Dave redesigned our wedding website to include our story, family photo album and haikus from our friends. Check it out here!






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