Growing and Learning

Being engaged and planning a wedding has been very much a process for me. I am STILL not ready to write about it, because frankly I have been overwhelmed with to-do’s and trying to balance wedding planning, my business, and my sanity! I’m slowly settling into this new season. There are only 114 days until we’re married (yeah!) so thankfully the wedding planning will soon end and marriage can begin!

Maybe that’s why this new set is all about growing, movement, and change. Maybe? Sometimes I have no idea why I do what I do. It was scary to try a new style. I have several sketchbooks from 2007 with line drawings of these vine things. I got brave and tried to see if I could recreate it onto silk! Personally I was really happy with the results. This is going to be an area I want to keep exploring and growing in.

On a happy note, I have hired a friend to heat set the scarves for me! Yeah! This will save me one day a week that I normally set aside for ironing and washing! That means I will be able to focus on painting more and producing more work! (And hopefully try to stop my 16-18 hour days to let me sit and breathe!

Thank you everyone for your encouragement to me with these scarves. Every like and comment does not fall on deaf ears. I need the encouragement! It was scary to try something new, knowing it could easily flop. These EIGHT new scarves are up on etsy NOW!

kristen-full grace-full stacie-full hope-full sally-full katie-full christine-full tami-full

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