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My very Irish grandmother


My grandmother Peggy McCann Coleman is half Irish. Her father Mark McCann immigrated from Ireland to America. I grew up with St. Patrick’s Day being a Holy day. My middle name actually is McCann. And my first name is Catherine (with a C). That’s the way my great great great great (?) aunt Kate spelled her name in Ireland. AND Princess Kate spells her name Catherine with a C.

With St. Patrick’s Day upon again, I wanted to make a scarf for my grandmother that she could wear! But I wanted her to be able to wear it to church, too! I delivered the scarf to her tonight just in time for March 17th. So if you happen to be at First United Methodist Church in Yazoo City this Sunday at 11:00, you are going to see my grandmother rocking her new scarf. It gives me such joy to be able to make her something. She has been such a supporter of me and really tries to understand everything that I do. When I first started painting on scarves, I had lunch with her and Mom. She pulled out her checkbook and wrote me a check to help buy supplies because she was so excited! I can’t tell you how much it means that my 87 year old grandmother wants to wear something I painted. So this is the Peggy scarf.

peggy-detail peggy-full


One thought on “My very Irish grandmother

  1. Amelia Patterson says:

    She is so sweet! I love her scarf! St. Patrick’s Day is very special to me too as a lot of my heritage is Irish! I had no idea your first name was actually Catherine. That’s my middle name! With a C! 🙂 And Coleman was my great grandmother’s maiden name. If I have a daughter her middle name will be Coleman! First name Lucy 😉 I love family names!!

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