More Silk Scarves

New scarves!!! Yeah! I was planning on releasing these on February 13th, but I woke up that morning with the flu. It was terrible. Thank goodness for Tamiflu and a sweet boyfriend. I’m still taking a decongestant and antibiotic because I have about 30% hearing in my right ear. It’s amazing how much I take for granted being able to hear.

Dave built the frame for long scarves (which you see here) but I decided I wanted them to be longer. These are 15 x 60 in. The next set of scarves will be 14 x 72 in. Thank you everyone for being so encouraging as I’m trying to figure this out. I’m having the best time painting. It is really a joy.

Since I am behind almost two weeks on everything, I didn’t have time to plan with a model. So if you look at the photos and think it looks familiar, it is. It’s me! Thank goodness I have a boyfriend who can spend his lunch break photographing 11 scarves! Oh! Two of the scarves below are not for sale – Lauren and Carrie. The rest are listed on etsy. If you see one that has sold that you like, please email me for a custom scarf.

allison-full jessica-full mollie-full caroline-full aubra-full patrice-full kathy-full robin-full carol-full carrie-full lauren-full

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