Handmade Valentines

I thought a lot about this Valentine’s Day. I’ve spent more time thinking than I have making. Valentine’s Day can either be awesome or just completely suck. Very rarely is there an in-between. And that really bothers me. Last year was by far the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had in my 32 years (good grief when did I get so old!) It was the only one I’ve ever really just looked forward to. I don’t say that bragging because I know how much it can suck… In elementary I remember it almost being a competition as to who got the biggest balloons and most candy from their parents! And then in high school, the girls with boyfriends would get big tacky stuffed animals that I would be jealous of. (I led a very sheltered life in Yazoo City. This was PRE-etsy!) And I definitely know what it’s been like since high school. So that’s why I always am torn about making Valentine’s and selling them.

I do know that in giving, you receive. SO I had this idea of Valentine card sets. Because you don’t have to have just ONE Valentine! And you shouldn’t! You can now buy a set of my valentines and pick the ones you want! You can buy up to 10 of the same card. If you are going to order more than 10, message me and I’ll work out a deal for you. 😉 Listed on etsy for set of six and set of ten.

Now let’s move on to 2013 NEW Valentine’s! This year I wanted it to be handmade. And I might  have gone a little over the top with cutting then printing every single card. These new cards took me longer to make because they are so labor intensive. First I drew what I wanted it to be, then reversed the image on the computer (as you can see below). Then I drew it backwards onto my easy-carve stamp and used that as my guide for carving. Then I hand printed each card.




And is the final product! You can fine “Be Mine” listed in my etsy shop for $5.


Below is what my table normally looks like on any given day. I wish I had a pretty studio that made you inspired by being in it. Instead it would probably make you kinda nervous with the clutter. But HEY! At least it’s not in my bedroom! Very thankful for that, too! This design didn’t make the cut. I cut the “O’s” too thin so it just looked bad. I’m gonna try it again in a few days.


This is the drawing for “You’re my Sugar Pie.”



This is a simple Heart Valentine. I personally think this would be beautiful framed. heartvalentinewhite

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