2013 Little Things Studio Calendar

I’m so proud to finally share with you my 2013 calendar 365 DAYS OF SUNSHINE!!! I worked for 2 1/2 months with countless drawings and ideas, and a folder full of work.

I knew early that I wanted 2013 to be about sunshine. But I wasn’t sure on the direction. I started with folk art drawings then moved on to sketches and lots of texture. Then I started to think if the sun could make music, what would it sound like. I thought about different times of day and different seasons. I did not want to make the typical sun with rays, because that’s been done. I wanted you to feel the sun.

I was able to get this calendar offset printed (meaning commercial quality) on 100 lb. cover weight paper. I can’t tell you how bright and beautiful the yellow is. Y’all, yellow is TOUGH to print. It’s tough to get the right shade of yellow. And my printer nailed it! I couldn’t be more pleased! They are 8×10 in. (Twice the size of last year! AH!) It’s 7 pages (printed front and back) with a cover. Includes twine for hanging.

And to all my fellow quote lovers, YES, there is one quote in this calendar, but I’m not letting you see it until the calendar is in your hands. And it’s a really really good one?

You can PREORDER the calendar now. It might be a few more days until it’s ready, but I just HAD to go ahead and share it with you!!! We will send you a note letting you know the day we ship it (and Mom and I will do our best to get it in your hands as soon as we can!)

Detail shots below.

I hope 2013 is filled with bright and beautiful sunshine for you!


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