IPhone Cases & MORE!

I decided to try out Society6, which allows you to upload your designs. Society6 prints everything and mails it directly to you. I have uploaded EIGHT patterns just for YOU! You can view all eight HERE! If these go well, I will gladly upload many more. You have NO idea how many more patterns I have! HA! I’m so sad that I won’t be able to order one for myself, because I have a very old Samsung flip phone that I am able to just text and talk. But I do have an iPad so I might just order myself a skin.

Personal note: I can’t make any promises about the quality. Society6 prints and ships directly to you. But I did find one very helpful review of the cases here which sounded really good. I know some of you out there have those massive cases that could withstand a hurricane! But these aren’t that kind of cases!

If you do order one, would you email me a good picture?? kate@littlethingsstudio.com AND tell me what you think about it!!!

Lots of love and sunshine and cats! – Kate

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