Upcoming Fab Sale & Southwest Quilt Series

I am having a Fab.com  on February 4, 5, & 6th! If you haven’t heard of fab.com, you are missing out! They run 3-day sales of curated objects that are discounted up to 70% off. Each of the sales last 3 days, so you have to hurry up and make a decision, because everything sells out fast on this site (I’m not kidding. I have wanted things that sold out within the first hour). I am so excited to do be having a sale on fab. We’ve picked 28 of my very favorite prints that are going to be on sale. Most of the prints will be 30% OFF (really? YES!). AND I created a very limited edition quilt print series just for fab. I am not going to have anymore of these prints available anywhere else.

The link to my fab sale is http://fab.com/sale/3122. It will start on Saturday morning at 10 am (central). If you aren’t a member of fab.com yet, it’s REALLY easy. Just request to join by entering your email address then they’ll set up your account. I’ll put out a reminder on Twitter & Facebook, because I know you don’t want to forget!

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