The Blooming Quilt Series

This series of quilt prints are inspired by florals in quilts. They could either be a flower turned into a quilt pattern or vice versa. I’ve named each one of them after a county in the Mississippi Delta where my family is from. I have been very unproductive the month of October. But I started playing with these yesterday, stumbled on this palette, and finished these today. Surprisingly these were easy to create. After I made the first one, it just felt right. I know I won’t be a one-note artist. But right now, I’m just still exploring quilts. I can’t seem to leave them yet.

Of course they are up in my etsy for $18 each, or the set of four for $60. The prints are 12 x 12 in. I will be putting up a 6 in. version later this week (i.e Charis “the cutest intern ever” will be in to do that.)

Bolivar detail

Little Soapbox: You will probably notice that every image has a watermark on it. I’m expecting to hear a lot of questions with “Does the print come with the logo on it?” NO! It’s just on my website and etsy that you’ll see it. Unfortunately several of my pieces started floating around on tumblr & pinterest without any sort of link to me. Thankfully some friends & customers alerted me. I wrote an email to tumblr  and they removed the images. Sadly, I’m going to just have to start putting a watermark on every image. This happens to everyone on sites like tumblr, pinterest, etc. That is why I am not a fan of those websites.

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