Meet Charis, y’all! (Cutest intern ever!)

I am so happy to introduce you to the newest addition to the Little Things Studio gang. The “Cutest Intern Ever” Charis Boyett has been kicking production up a notch here. I thankfully found her about a month ago. Two of her older sisters are good friends (and great customers) of mine. Charis just came back to the United States. She finished high school in Kenya while her parents were serving as missionaries in Uganda. I am privileged to have her this one year while she’s taking core classes at a community college here in Jackson.

She is such a help to me. I have taught her how to take product shots and edit them in photoshop. And the girl has incredible craft. She pays attention to the tiniest of details, which means I can trust her with anything I throw at her. She really cares about what she’s doing. I have so much fun when she’s at the house, even though I sometimes leave while she’s working (because I know I can trust her to get the job done.) Y’all just don’t understand what a big deal that is. I don’t know what I’m going to do when she goes away to school.

And it’s not just the work that she’s doing, but she’s become a friend to me. She has such a servant’s heart, always thinking of others. I have been so blessed with just getting to know her. I kept telling her I was going to put her up on the blog, but she kept resisting. “I’m awkward,” she kept saying. And I’m not?!?! Weezie got a new yellow collar which is the perfect excuse to start taking pictures. Weezie let her hold her for just a minute, but then wanted down. Sigh. But I did one really cute one of them together. -Kate

3 thoughts on “Meet Charis, y’all! (Cutest intern ever!)

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    Kate, you are so right. She has been a joy to me from the day she was born. I have no concern that the Lord will bless in whatever He puts in front of her. And from what I hear, your not so bad yourself

  2. Justus says:

    Well,,I really know how Charis is a gift from God,,for that i can give as many testimonies as you can ask me…I stayed with her for awhile while she was here in Uganda but my life was transformed which gives God glory,,,Charis.thank you for continuing with that spirit and I miss our time together taking a soda out of home and ice cream..miss you and love you..

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