Fabric, Quilts, & Philadelphia!

I am so proud, happy, elated, and just all around pumped to tell you about this upcoming show I’m in. Sisters-in-laws Halligan Smith & Lydia Trott are curating a show “By the Yard” at Part Time Studios in Philadelphia (that’s Pennsylvania, not Mississippi). They invited me to be one of the artists.

“The work will consist of anything that can be sold by the yard such as fabric, trim, or even pot holders, the sky is the limit.”

Well, since the sky is the limit, and I’m shipping my fabric to the Anthropologie headquarters to Halligan (Are you kidding me?!?! AHH! Someone who works for Anthropologie knows who I am!?!) I have decided to go all out. I am going to sell quilting square bundles of my fabric. If you didn’t know, I’m on a huge quilt kick. The American Folk Art Museum has titled it the Year of the Quilts and I am all over it. I am going to make a somewhat nice quilt in two weeks to send up to Philadelphia. I am going to enroll the help of my roommate and my mother to teach me how to sew, and it is going to amazing. It has to be. This is Anthro, y’all! I got my fabric swatches in yesterday. I made a few changes to them and ordered yards and yards of fabric today. And I am so happy I had done this, I’ll soon be selling fabric in my etsy (I know, I know – some of y’all have been requesting it for years. It’s about time I got into action.)

So here are the pictures of my swatches that will turn into a quilt. Trust me. It’s going to make sense when I start sewing.

10 thoughts on “Fabric, Quilts, & Philadelphia!

  1. Stacie says:

    I am such a huge fan of these fabrics! Especially that orange one on the left hand side of the last photo 🙂 Amazing, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next 😉

  2. Faith says:

    Kate, this is AMAZING!! Anthro? Are you kidding? They are gonna love this. You’re a super star! Keep on dreaming, because you are making the world a prettier place to live in.

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