Great Day in the Mornin by Kathryn Wiggins

I am a huge fan for everything that Kathryn Wiggins does. She’s a good friend of mine who lives in Jackson, Mississippi about five minutes away from our house. She is an amazing artist. She put this painting on etsy about a month ago and I flipped out. I still can’t stop looking at it. It reminds me of quilts and stained glass. And there is a lot of yellow warmth in there, so of course this would be a favorite of mine. I wanted to share it with you. Secretly I really wish my shop would just explode with sales so that I could buy this painting. ha! But I am such a fan of Kathryn’s work so I want her to continue painting. So please support her work and purchase one of her paintings on her etsy.

Description on “Great Day In The Mornin” • 40 inches x 40 inches • Oil and wax on linen • 2011 • Depth 1.5 inches (sides painted white) • Unframed but ready to hang, linen is stretched onto aluminum bars for a perfectly straight hang!

2 thoughts on “Great Day in the Mornin by Kathryn Wiggins

  1. Ashley says:

    After finding your shop on Etsy, I checked out your website and saw not only this wonderful art, but the pillows in the photo. Although it’s rather random, do you happen to know where one might find the pillows?

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