Renegade Chicago Recap #1

Dave & me

This is going to be a quick Recap for Renegade Chicago. My best friend Dave Whitley came on the road with me to help me set up and stuff. What would I do without Dave. I just have no idea. He put the finishing touches on my website 2.0 on Friday night before Renegade on Saturday.

I got to catch up with some friends that I met at Renegade Austin and see one of my dear friends and mentors Jessica Swift. If you haven’t looked out her work, it is simply incredible. Her color sense is just hands down amazing. I love her original style. And she is so genuine and kind to every single person.

I was compulsively checking the weather before we left because this show was outside and everything I have is paper! And I don’t know why but no one wants to buy wet prints… BUT the weather was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was out and it was not too hot (now it might have been too hot for Chicagoans, but 75 is cool for this Mississippians.) And I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome all the vendors were. There was no puff paint, acrylic crosses and tacky windchimes to be seen. That is MY kind of craft show. I met some artists that I have been obsessed over. We’re talking YEARS. I am surprised I sold anything because every single booth (300+) rocked. I wanted one of everything. I was so excited to trade with some really amazing folks. I’ll be posting about that this weekend.

Here are some photos of Renegade. Hope you enjoy!

This is what it looked like the entire time outside my booth. SO many people!
The calm before the storm!
Inside the Little Things's booth.
Inside Jessica Swift's Booth. I LOVE her work.
Jess & my booth's were back-to-back so we could talk throughout the day. I am so thankful for her.

You can find Jess on her website, etsy, twitter, & facebook. Show her the love y’all. She’s incredible.

2 thoughts on “Renegade Chicago Recap #1

  1. mel says:

    It was lovely to meet you there! I will have to blog about Renegade soon, before I forget everything, but your print is in my living room, waiting to be framed! I hope it was hugely successful for you, I love YOUR work 😉

  2. Kristen Ley - your awesome roomate says:

    Hey – I finally got to sit down and read your Renegade post. Love – Love – Love – everything about it and you. I am so proud of your success. God has truly blessed you and I know he will continue to. How I am so lucky to have such a quick witted, Godly, talented roommate! (I also wanted to leave this comment so I could give Dave some props on his awesome handy work) – Dave this is tite.

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