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I am writing this post on my iPad in the car in the way to renegade craft fair in chicago. Dave is driving and I’m in between those uncomfortable car naps that wear we all love and hate. I realize I have not posted anything on my site in several weeks. That is because I have been very busy finally to Jackson and preparing for renegade. Weezie and I moved into a house with my very talented and all around awesome friend Kristen ley and her dog willow and cat frodo who I have adopted as my own. Weezie LOVES frodo but verdict is still out on willow. Right now willow is scared to death of weezie!!! Bless her.
The past month I had been focused on moving that I have not had as much time for little things studio. But moving into this house has been wonderful. I have a huge room just for my studio! I had been living for eight months in my bedroom at my parent’s which is not the best to spread out and make big pieces. I used most of my bed as a workspace. It was difficult. Butmy parents were incredibly supportive and patient. They know I couldn’t be doing this without them.
I have unpacked all my favorite books that were in a sad storage room. I missed my dishes and home Knicks knacks. I finally feel settled and I’m so very thankful. I have really big goals and now I actually have space to try to make them happen.
To end on a happy note, I will be posting my 2012 calendars in my etsy shop!!! So be on the lookout! I’ve taken a big risk by getting them professionally printed. Yikes! And since Dave has returned home from Canada, version 2.0 is very close to being released!

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  1. katie says:

    hey! I wanted to drop a note and say it was nice meeting you at renegade today! (i’m katie, we talked a little bit about mississippi & you said you like my glasses 😉 ). i’m so happy with my print and can’t wait to get it framed and hung up. thanks for making beautiful work.

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