American Quilt Print Series

I was really nervous about putting this series up on etsy today… But I’ve already had one sale (from a very hip friend) so that made me feel better. I think it’s good to question myself and have doubts about it, because that means I’m not playing it safe. And when I start to play it safe, then I need to start over with something completely new. And that something new will be hairdresser school.

I actually made these quilt/geometric/circle things back in January, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. And the colors were very different. But I was making new journal covers and I tried this new color palette on them. I got really excited about it. It’s the excitement of making something new that keeps me going. Each of these prints are named after one of America’s Founding Fathers. Now, I don’t know if this has crossed your mind, but it has crossed mine – pink on a print titled “Franklin?” Absolutely. Because our history is not old and stale. It is relevant today. I love reading about the Revolutionary War and how this country was founded.

So I’m selling all four prints in a set or individually. Visit my etsy to shop around!



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