ipads & Weezie

Today has been an awesome day because I went to the Apple Store to buy an ipad! Grace blogged about me at Design*Sponge on the same day I flew to Chicago and I was left with just an ipod touch to communicate to people. My mother was left trying to answer all the emails that I received. It was NUTS. I knew I needed some way to connect to the internet if I was going to keep traveling. I decided upon an ipad. It is perfect for me, because I can pay just $20 a month to AT&T for internet anywhere! It’s much less expensive than an iphone and I didn’t need a laptop. So this made the most sense. AND I can now get Weezie on video. So here she is y’all. She doesn’t do any cool tricks, jump in boxes or roll over and bark. She just sits there basking in her cuteness.

Weezie, the cutest thing ever! from kate thomas on Vimeo.

AND the cat app that Weezie likes is Games for Cats!

3 thoughts on “ipads & Weezie

  1. Maggie Wilson says:

    I broke down and got an iPad right before the Chicago conference and love it. It has really been useful and I almost never pull out my laptop anymore. Very cute kitty! Do you have a laser pointer for her? My parent’s cat never gets tired of that.

    • ktyazoo says:

      I can’t get over how useful and convenient my ipad is. I LOVE it. and of course I have a laser pointer! hahaha! I have every toy they make for my darling sweet child!

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