May you live everyday of your life!

Aaaaand I’m back! I’ve neglected my little blog for the past month. I’ve busy living and learning. I went one weekend to visit my talented, kind, and just all-around awesome friend Jessica Swift in Atlanta. Then I traveled to Chicago for the HOW Design Conference, which was absolutely incredible. But life really got crazy on the day I flew to Chicago. Grace Bonney on Design*Sponge blogged about my etsy shop. My shop EXPLODED with orders and my mother has taken over filling them for me. It has become her full-time job. I cannot express how amazing and exciting the past month has been for me. All I can say is that things have really picked up! I’m not making promises on this blog about writing more consistently, because there are things that happen beyond our control. And it is way more important to be out there living than tied to a chair writing about others living. So, my wish for you, in the wise words of Jonathan Swift, “May you live everyday of your life!”

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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. Quote from the Brilliant General George Patton. Purchase here.

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