Yellow Balloons at Renegade Austin

I am so very excited to be going to Austin next weekend for the Renegade Craft Fair! If you are coming, you need to look for the booth with all the yellow balloons hanging, because that will be me! I hope I will not be mistaken for the face painting booth! haha!  And all of my stationery and greeting cards have a yellow balloon attached to them, thanks to a great tip from my friend Hope Carr. My mother wants the title of “production manager” because she has helped me cut and package all of my paper goods. (I do have a temporary job, I freelance, and I’m looking for a job, so Little Things is just something I do on the side. So my mother is my assistant!)


This quote below was what got me inspired to start using yellow balloons.

If you are in Austin, I would love to meet you!


4 thoughts on “Yellow Balloons at Renegade Austin

  1. Min says:


    It was so lovely to meet you today! I am so happy with the four prints I bought from you today at the fair. Your prints are the first that I have purchased for our home, and I am ecstatic! Your personality is so cheerful, too! I wish you all the best, and I’ll be sure to follow your work from now on.

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