Kathryn Wiggins

I think Kathryn Wiggins is brilliant artist. I love how she thinks and processes. Her work feels fresh and new, yet reminds you of the ancient past. I really got to know Kathryn’s work when I worked on her website. I learned so much from just talking with her about her work. And I really studied her paintings when I was renaming/resizing. It was such an honor to do. I plan on doing several posts of hers. So this first post is about her latest series “Home.” She knows that I LOVE these paintings. And she is selling them on etsy. (***Side note – get a painting now while she is producing a lower-priced originals. She is going to be famous. You heard it here on Little Things Studio. Yep. FAMOUS.)

Above: Summer

Above: April

Above: Domestic 2

AND for all of you lucky folks who live near Jackson, Mississippi, Kathryn and I are sharing a booth at an art festival Art on the Greens. You can find more details on the facebook event we created! It’s THIS weekend. And you’ll LOVE seeing her work in person. And if that wasn’t enough, you can meet her CUTE baby Harris!

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