Stationery, finally!

I have finally expanded the Little Things’ line to stationery and greeting cards, folks. It has been a long time coming.

First is the sets of colored patterns, sets of four for $8. I haven’t figured out how to ship them, so you either have to come to Yazoo City to get them or come to an art festival. And to find out the latest places I’m hopping around, become a fan on facebook. I put good stuff on it, I promise!!!!

Here are a few of the greeting cards for $3 each.

3 thoughts on “Stationery, finally!

  1. Rachel says:

    I went to your booth at the Cotton District Arts Festival last week. I bought some cards (thanks so much!!). I was wondering if you were planning on putting some of your great larger work on cards or even your journal quotations on some of the stationary? I would have bought all of them if you had! I loved the quotes that you had on the journals, but I just don’t need a journal now…but I can always use great and uplifting cards 🙂 Just a thought.

    Thanks for being so positive. You were a bright spot in my Saturday!

    • ktyazoo says:

      Rachel thank you so much!!! That means so much to hear that!!!!
      I absolutely would love to do quotes and more detailed illustrations! This was my little debut on stationery. I only made a little bit, because I didn’t want to invest a lot and then it bomb! But it did great so I will absolutely be expanding the line! And that is always good to hear what people want. You’ll probably be seeing just that very thing soon to come! -kt

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