New Print – Joyful Joyful

I have a new print up in my etsy shop! I have been reading several books on Oriental rugs. This drawing was inspired by that. And the birds that are in the middle are roosters. I have three different color versions. I am currently only putting two of the colors in the shop. If you are interested in the cooler/blue tones, email me at kate {at} ktyazoo dot com.

Here is muted one. And the listing for the bright red. It’s an 11×17 inch print, on Starch White French Speckletone paper. It sells for $20.

One thought on “New Print – Joyful Joyful

  1. Juliette says:

    I love love love your work! Love it! Love your designs and love your choice of quotes, especially the hymn quotes. I am a sucker for hymns and adore their pairing with such wonderful designs. Big huge high 5!!

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