Little Things in Life #3 – Painting

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about painting. I have not had the time to pick up a paintbrush IN A YEAR! Before I got really into intense Graphic Design classes, I took some painting courses. I took two watercolor classes with Brent Funderburk. I learn so much from him whenever I am around him, not just about art but about LIFE! Because art is life! I keep quotes of his that I scribbled during class.
I’m now looking at several of the jewels he gave me…

The hardest thing to do: we have to live like we are loved.

For my art to be universal, then I have to go deeper into my own understanding.

All I can know as an artist is to have a personal response.

Artists are always trying to heal our eyes.

I write all this to say that I felt so alive releasing something that was inside of me. For me, that’s what painting is. It is the best feeling taking one of my fancy brushes and putting down that intense Cadmium Yellow onto a blank piece of Arches paper. I have got to get back to painting. Moving home I do not have any space to paint. And Weezie (the cat!) likes to be up in everything. So I am not able to right now. I’m making do with sketchbook and pencils. But when I move somewhere where there’s space, I will get back to it. Because the simple act of putting paint onto paper is so little yet it is so big.

Below is two paintings (from a series of ten) exploring yellow squares. I painted these during Watercolor 2 with Brent. This series was very personal for me. I learned about myself. Brent turned to me in class one day and said “Kate, what yellow is your yellow?” Needless to say, I am still thinking about it. I do have an answer but it took a long time to get there! Ha!

These paintings are 15 x 22 in. Watercolor & acrylic. You can find a few more here.
And go view Brent’s amazing work.

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