Uzbekistan Embroidery

I recently found this book in a bookstore in Jackson. I sat looking at every page just in aw. Incredible. If I did believe in reincarnation (of course I don’t!), then I KNOW I lived in 1850 in Uzbekistan making tapestries. I should have been there weaving these tapestries. Everything in that book took my breath away. I feel so much when I look at these beautiful tapestries.

I am always cut off guard to think that just normal peasant ladies created these. They didn’t have formal training. There was no “Masters of Fine Arts.” They lived off the land and were poor. Yet look at what they created! Look at what they made with the little they had.

I just hope one day I can look at some of these in person. I hope you can too! We need it for our souls.

All images from the Textile Blog

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