Our Wedding Post 1

We just got our first round of photos from our photographer! They are amazing. There are SO many awesome ones that I’m just going to break this up in several posts. First is pre-wedding and wedding photos. Theia Mingo knows how to use natural light. And it is so evident in these photos. I have been a fan of her work for years. I’m so honored and thrilled that she said YES to working for us!

I’m putting the much anticipated wedding program online. My friend Andrew Le said this was probably the best wedding program he’s ever seen!!!! For those of you know him, you’ll know he’s a man of few words and does not say things he doesn’t mean. I couldn’t stop smiling after he told me that. AND I’m finally showing a picture of my ring. I didn’t have a picture until now that did my ring justice. Y’all. It’s beautiful. I still look at it and am wowed. And my sweet husband picked it out without me even giving him a clue as to what I’d want.

You can view 200+ photos on Theia’s site. And she wrote the sweetest post about our wedding here. Hope you enjoy!


We’re Married!!!

Kate & Dave WhitleyWE GOT MARRIED, Y’ALL!!!!!

I couldn’t be happier to be dealing with a pile of paperwork and long government lines for changing my name to KATE WHITLEY. I married my best friend. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to be his. July 20th was a really happy day. Dave made a website that uploaded all of our photobooth and live tweeting from our friends HERE. I don’t say “epic” a lot because it gets really overused, but OUR PHOTOBOOTH WAS EPIC.

I am going to do a series of DIY tutorials on how I made all of our decorations for our reception. And I will be posting THE BEST WEDDING PROGRAM I’VE EVER SEEN and I’m the one that designed it! 😉

I am so thankful for all our vendors, family, and friends that helped make our small wedding very special for us. Because I’ve been getting a few questions, I’ll go ahead and answer a few. Dave’s custom suit was from Indochino. I took all his measurements and they sent him a perfect suit. My dress was from J. Crew, but it was sold out! I found the dress on ebay for just $300! Flowers were of course by Whitley’s Flowers. My bouquet was DIVINE and what made it more special is that Robert (Dave’s dad) made it. The food was insanely good. Catering by Cosmopolitan Catering by Macy. If you are in Jackson, HIRE HER. She’s the BEST. Our cakes and sweets by the amazing Dream Cakes! Dave’s cake was the shield from Legend of Zelda. I designed my FIVE LAYER cake. Our photogragher Theia Mingo sent us this photo a few days ago. I can’t WAIT to get our other photos back. I know they will be amazing because she is incredible.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photobooth pictures.


Allison, Dave, me, & Rob (Party of Five minus Rowdy Renfroe)


MSU Graphic Design Gang


My 87 year old grandmother in our photobooth!!!


Dave’s high school metal band “A Living Burden” recreating an old photo.


Kelly, Charis, me, Tim, Mollie, and Christy


So good. Tim & Rob

Eat Cake and Be Merry!


I made this pattern earlier today to use somehow in our decorations. And I couldn’t stop thinking about that phrase. EAT CAKE AND BE MERRY. It’s 32 days until our wedding. I’m now in that stage of the planning when fretting over what’s going to go on my tables at the reception, altering my dress, and 500 other minute little details that keep me up til 5:00 in the morning fretting. But I manage to calm myself down when I picture Dave and me at the reception eating cake. I can’t express to you how much that thought brings me incalculable joy.

I remember being a kid going to weddings at my church where the reception would be at the church. I would get SO excited about those pastel mints that melted in your mouth and the CAKE! Weddings used to be about, well, you know… THE MARRIAGE. They were such simple receptions. Cake, chicken salad, tea, mints. NOW there are hundreds of websites dedicated to making brides feel this obligation to make their wedding this huge statement about themselves. If you don’t hand-make all your place cards, then you are not that thing – cool, hip, indie, trendy, and just all around awesome. I feel so much extra pressure because I know I am capable of doing every single little thing to such an elaborate degree. I’m a designer and I love making stuff.

There are going to be a few awesome things about our wedding. But everything is not going to be over-the-top crazy fiasco thing featured in Southern whatever magazine. And that’s okay! All I want to do is eat cake with Dave and be merry! Isn’t that all we really want to do at a wedding? I think there is something seriously wrong in our society with the way we have elevated weddings to such a level that we have lost the whole purpose of a wedding. I having to continually remind myself of all these things when I start freaking out about what we’re going to use for a guest book!


Our engagement photos!

We took engagement photos with Theia Mingo! I can’t tell you how excited I was that we got to have her at our wedding photographer! Everything she touches is just magic. She has such a strong vision that shines through in her life and work. You can view all of the photos HERE! (She lives in Starkville, Mississippi and is available to travel if you are looking for an amazing photographer!)


Three Years


There was never a time when I said “Okay, I’m going into business for myself.” It just kinda happened. Little Things Studio grew from something very very VERY little. But if there was a defining moment of “I should pursue this. This is awesome,” then the Cotton District Arts Festival April 2010 was IT. Three school friends of mine split booth fees and setup a space. (Carl Carbonell, Mary Katherine Blackwell, and Lauren Buntin) My parents had a tent because they would tailgate at football games. We strung rope from sides of the tent and used clothespins to hang work. I had NO business cards and NO bags! I wrote on scraps of paper my email address for people because they wanted to buy more! And the crazy thing to me was that I sold OUT of some prints!!!! I can’t emphasize to you enough that I did not know what I was doing. But I knew I loved doing it.

I’m heading back up to Starkville this weekend for the Cotton District Festival again. I’ve just been thinking how amazing it is that I’m still doing what I love. I started with NO budget. The only reason I could print things is because I already owned a printer for school, and I had collected a lot of paper/scraps. I recycled and used everything. Then with the sales, I was able to buy more supplies (which to this day remains my business model.) I am so very thankful for all those first customers who supported a poor college student. Also I couldn’t have done it without my mom. (She and my dad were there in full force at the Cotton District supporting me.)

I’m saving 10-15 scarves to debut at Cotton District. I’m not putting them online (and some of them I really want to keep!!!) because Starkville is important to me. I wish I had time to make more work, but I kinda have a wedding to plan and prior commitments on work. This weekend will be very special for me. Dave and I are taking engagement photos on Friday night. Then a ton of our friends are coming into town so it’s going to be a huge reunion! For those going to Cotton District, I’ll be across the street from Bulldog Deli. And of course my favorite booth helper Dave will be with me.

Below are some pictures I pulled off from Facebook from my friend Allison (she is always so good at taking pics.) And she’ll be there again supporting her boyfriend (and one of my best friends) Tim Cook along with our friend Carl Carbonell in their booth “Dang Worthy.”

Love this pic with my mom on my right telling me something and my old boss, dear friend, big time support of LTS, Sally Hester. 


cottondistrict-32 cottondistrict-2

Were you there my first year at Cotton District??? If so, do you remember anything?