Friday Afternoon Kitty Photoshoot

I stay at home on Fridays and work on Little Things Studio and play with cats. Today Weezie was sitting in the window looking fabulous (although a little naked without her collar which she keeps losing!!!!) so I started taking pictures. Then my roommate Kristen’s cat Frodo wanted to pose for me. He is the sweetest cat. Even dog people love Frodo because he is so friendly. Weezie and he are the best of friends. I’m so happy she has him to play with while Kristen and I are at work.

If Little Things Studio doesn’t work out, I might try to take up cat photography.

Great Day in the Mornin by Kathryn Wiggins

I am a huge fan for everything that Kathryn Wiggins does. She’s a good friend of mine who lives in Jackson, Mississippi about five minutes away from our house. She is an amazing artist. She put this painting on etsy about a month ago and I flipped out. I still can’t stop looking at it. It reminds me of quilts and stained glass. And there is a lot of yellow warmth in there, so of course this would be a favorite of mine. I wanted to share it with you. Secretly I really wish my shop would just explode with sales so that I could buy this painting. ha! But I am such a fan of Kathryn’s work so I want her to continue painting. So please support her work and purchase one of her paintings on her etsy.

Description on “Great Day In The Mornin” • 40 inches x 40 inches • Oil and wax on linen • 2011 • Depth 1.5 inches (sides painted white) • Unframed but ready to hang, linen is stretched onto aluminum bars for a perfectly straight hang!

Little Things in Life #6 Gourds

Mondays are just not fun. Not many happy things happen on Mondays. It’s the day you have to reply to 1,393,293 emails and do the to-do list that you didn’t do on Friday afternoon. It was pouring rain outside this morning. Weezie and Frodo (my roommate’s sweet cat) were both curled up in my bed. Needless to say, I did not want to start my day. And I did have the 1,000+ things to do at my job today. But I did get to go out and take pictures at Fresh-Way Produce (family owned local produce shop in Jackson). I just couldn’t stop looking at all of the colors of the corn, pumpkins, and gourds. A-mazing. If this doesn’t make you happy looking at these photos I took, then I just don’t know what to say. It is incredible to look at all of these colors. Hope it brightens your Monday. I know it did mine.

Renegade Chicago Recap #1

Dave & me

This is going to be a quick Recap for Renegade Chicago. My best friend Dave Whitley came on the road with me to help me set up and stuff. What would I do without Dave. I just have no idea. He put the finishing touches on my website 2.0 on Friday night before Renegade on Saturday.

I got to catch up with some friends that I met at Renegade Austin and see one of my dear friends and mentors Jessica Swift. If you haven’t looked out her work, it is simply incredible. Her color sense is just hands down amazing. I love her original style. And she is so genuine and kind to every single person.

I was compulsively checking the weather before we left because this show was outside and everything I have is paper! And I don’t know why but no one wants to buy wet prints… BUT the weather was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was out and it was not too hot (now it might have been too hot for Chicagoans, but 75 is cool for this Mississippians.) And I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome all the vendors were. There was no puff paint, acrylic crosses and tacky windchimes to be seen. That is MY kind of craft show. I met some artists that I have been obsessed over. We’re talking YEARS. I am surprised I sold anything because every single booth (300+) rocked. I wanted one of everything. I was so excited to trade with some really amazing folks. I’ll be posting about that this weekend.

Here are some photos of Renegade. Hope you enjoy!

This is what it looked like the entire time outside my booth. SO many people!

The calm before the storm!

Inside the Little Things's booth.

Inside Jessica Swift's Booth. I LOVE her work.

Jess & my booth's were back-to-back so we could talk throughout the day. I am so thankful for her.

You can find Jess on her website, etsy, twitter, & facebook. Show her the love y’all. She’s incredible.

The latest

I am writing this post on my iPad in the car in the way to renegade craft fair in chicago. Dave is driving and I’m in between those uncomfortable car naps that wear we all love and hate. I realize I have not posted anything on my site in several weeks. That is because I have been very busy finally to Jackson and preparing for renegade. Weezie and I moved into a house with my very talented and all around awesome friend Kristen ley and her dog willow and cat frodo who I have adopted as my own. Weezie LOVES frodo but verdict is still out on willow. Right now willow is scared to death of weezie!!! Bless her.
The past month I had been focused on moving that I have not had as much time for little things studio. But moving into this house has been wonderful. I have a huge room just for my studio! I had been living for eight months in my bedroom at my parent’s which is not the best to spread out and make big pieces. I used most of my bed as a workspace. It was difficult. Butmy parents were incredibly supportive and patient. They know I couldn’t be doing this without them.
I have unpacked all my favorite books that were in a sad storage room. I missed my dishes and home Knicks knacks. I finally feel settled and I’m so very thankful. I have really big goals and now I actually have space to try to make them happen.
To end on a happy note, I will be posting my 2012 calendars in my etsy shop!!! So be on the lookout! I’ve taken a big risk by getting them professionally printed. Yikes! And since Dave has returned home from Canada, version 2.0 is very close to being released!