Sale in the Shop!

So I’m having a sale in my etsy shop because I am going to NYC for interviews. I would pack all of my food to New York but I don’t think the airlines would let me. I have never been to New York City. I have always always ALWAYS wanted to go. Everything is there that I love; Chanel and MOMA and Broadway!

Sadly. I am not able to play tourist. That’s one of the main reasons I embrace the little things in life. I can’t afford to fly to Italy for the weekend, but I can find such joy in a beautiful vintage scarf that cost me $2 at the thrift store downtown. That’s what I hope to do in this trip. Someone amazing in New York wants to interview me!!! I can’t tell you how thankful and humbled I am by that fact, and so I am going with that in mind. I am very grateful.

Anyhoo! Coupon code is NewYorkCity. If you don’t see something I’ve made and you want it, please email me.

Irish Piano Music

Last week I saw one of my favorite blogs Public School posted about these beautiful covers to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps between 1880 and 1920. All of the maps can be found here. These images blew up the design world blog stuff. All that to say, I realized I was sitting on a gold mine of beautiful design in my own home that I thought the internet should have.

My grandmother’s father, Mark McCann, was born in Ireland. He came over through Ellis Island to America. He left the home in Ireland with his two spinster sisters. He eventually settled in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Clarice Libbie. My grandmother, Peggy, was the oldest of three children. When they died, my grandmother and her brother and sister inherited the estate. Our house Beechmont was located in Bellaghy in County Londonderry. Everything in the house was divided when it was shipped to America between all of us. We have paintings, prints, furniture, linens, silverware and china, pictures, postcards and the list goes on and on of everything we inherited.

I am going to post some of the beautiful things from our estate. I’m starting it off with piano music. I think most of this you are viewing belonged to Nellie McCann. You can see in the upper right hand in some that she penciled her name and sometimes the date.

This huge stack of music has been sitting on my bedside table for a year now, but I thought it needed to be seen.

In-House Sale

I have been wanting to do shows in homes for a while, and now that I’m out of school, I can dedicate time to it! Little Things Studio comes to you!

My web teacher Chad Anderson told me a while ago that his mother had seen some of my work and loved it. One thing led to the next and I’m heading to Tupelo this next weekend! Kathy has graciously opened her home to me for a few hours! I mailed her some posters. She’s printing out some postcards and inviting her friends! I’m so excited about this! I’ll post pictures of the event once it happens! So if you (whoever you are that reads this!?) are interested in a house party, please contact me! I would love to come visit. Invite your friends, I bring little things. Oh! And you will of course get a large helping of hostess happies.

New Print for Valentine’s

I have loved this quote for quite a while now, and I’ve just been saving it for something. And I thought February is the perfect time to pull it out. There is a large 11×17 deep purple with pink and white drops. And I made two different ones for the smaller color options in 8×10. Big print is $15, small is $10. Go check it out on etsy!

Red and Pink = Fabulous

Okay. So Valentine’s Day can be just great for lots of people. But for the singletons out there (including me) it can stink, resulting in entirely too much chocolate and Bridget Jones Diary. But there is one thing I love about Valentine’s day and that’s the colors. This is my current favorite color palette.