New work FINALLY!

I have been working hard the past month on some new prints! I’m so happy to share today I’ve listed SEVEN new prints in my etsy shop! I’ve been fighting major burnout over the past year. And it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about my work! I’ve got MORE new prints in the works that will hopefully be ready in a month or so! And I’m starting on my 2015 calendar this week!

Use code “Zinnias” for 20% off your order this week! (Expires September 13). My zinnias finally bloomed at our house!

ifyoudont-flat mayyoulive-flat givingtruehaving-flat wearemusic-flat lovingheart-small-white lovingheart-small-blue doxology-mute doxology-pink all-glory-print

Pizza, Art, Automattic & Fireworks in New York City

One of the perks of my husband Dave’s really amazing job is that he gets to travel to meetups to work with his coworkers. This was my 3rd time I’ve tagged along with him. I’ve gotten to go to Santa Cruz and Tokyo which were both amazing. I just got back from a week in New York City and since I’ve blogged about my other two meetups, I thought I’d make this a tradition. Dave does work for the Mobile team at Automattic so he goes on the meetups. The Mobile team is very spouse friendly so I get to hang out with the team and other spouses more than I would on other meetups.

This was my first vacation trip to New York City. All the other times I’ve gone, it’s been for work. When I was there I had only a day or two to explore the city. I intentionally didn’t plan any business meetings because I wanted to just enjoy myself.

First stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I walked around the Met for FIVE hours last Monday. If you haven’t been, GO! I’ve taken quite a few art history classes while in school, which gave me a great appreciation of what I saw. I had only seen things in a text book so it was so wonderful to see it in person. The two highlights of the Met for me were the Egypt and Greek/Roman wings. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything.

Here are some photos of the Egypt wing. Look at the design and colors. INCREDIBLE.

egypt3 egypt2 egypt

In Art History I, I just fell in love with Greek sculpture. They just captured the form of the body in such a breathtaking way. This was the first time to see Greek sculpture in person. It was just simply amazing. I am so thankful I got to see it.


I shopped so much on the second day of our trip because the next day was Dave’s birthday. I stopped by MarieBelle to pick up Dave a tin of Iced Chocolate. Ahhhhmazing! Also picked him up some Sugru at MoMA. That night I went out with a few Automatticians to a moving party for one of Dave’s coworkers.

The next day I visited the Frick Collection in the Upper East Side. I can’t stress how incredible this museum is. I was BLOWN AWAY. They don’t allow you to take any pictures in the museum so you’ll just have to look on their website. It was the home of the Frick family. Then they turned their home into a museum with their collection of art. I loved how intimate it felt. I told Dave I felt like I was viewing art like it was meant to be viewed – in a beautiful home.

Matt Mullenweg (WordPress creator and CEO of Automattic) invited the Mobile team and other Automatticians to his apartment in SoHo for pizza. That was just such a treat for me because I have been wanting to meet Matt. He’s a celebrity in tech/internet world but he is so nice and personable. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He lost his accent a bit, but didn’t lose his Southern charm.

After the meetup was over, Dave and I visited the Museum of Natural History. Then we went to Brooklyn to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. This was highlight of my trip. It was simply incredible to watch. We were on the East River at Pier 2. We could see the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower (World Trade Center), Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. The fireworks shimmered off the buildings and river creating this magic I’ve never experienced before. I am telling everyone that it’s worth the trip to go just for the fireworks.

firework2 firework1

Here’s a few food recommendations for you!

Shake Shack  Ahmazing burgers!

Totto Ramen Tasted just like it did in Tokyo. GO.

Ladurée Incredible Macaroons. I bought a box for Dave’s “cake”

Dean & Deluca I know it’s a chain, but they have an amazing Tres Leches Donut I just loved.

Summer Scarf Collection

I’m not quitting Little Things Studio. But I needed a break. I had burned myself out completely from keeping up with inventory and all the tiny little details that come with running your own business. I’ve struggled to stay motivated the past year for LTS. I’ve been doing this for four years now and I needed something new.

Painting three dimensional objects was so liberating for me. I didn’t have to keep up with old work. It was always new and fresh and I didn’t have to keep up with the inventory after I painted it. I threw myself full force the past two months into just silk painting for a break! I showed at a local show last weekend ONLY textiles! It was so scary to step outside of what I know. I’m going to make new prints. I’m listening to all the requests of quotes, hymns, Bible verses, etc. I’m going to start pursuing fabric companies again for that fabric collection that I dream of.

SO since we got that out of the way, I’d like to share the 2014 Summer Scarf Collection Lookbook! Please visit my NEW etsy shop to view all of the new scarves!


DSC_0116 DSC_0131 DSC_0009-2 DSC_0152 DSC_0067 DSC_0097-copy DSC_0138

HUGE thanks to my beautiful friend Helen Simpkins for modeling for me in my backyard! And huge thanks to Andrew Le for letting me use his white wall (with the most perfect natural light) to take my product shots.





I realize that I just wrote “Spring Cleaning” when it’s SNOWING outside my window in Nashville. But I want spring to be here. I am having a BIG CLEARANCE sale on scarves. They are mostly flat crepe (which is perfect for spring and summer) with just a few raw silk scarves. Right now the count is up to 19 I think? I’m pricing them to SELL! It will be 50-60% OFF. This is a permanent markdown, but once it’s gone, they are gone! You can view some of the scarves that will be for sale tomorrow on etsy. For the rest of the day I’m gonna be photographing the rest then uploading them online for tomorrow. I hope the sale will start around 10:00 am Central time. I’ll post it on all social media if you have one you REALLY want.


Make Art That Sells Bootcamp

I think I discovered Lilla Rogers when I was in school. She represents some of the best of the best in this little field that I’m in. Lisa Congdon, Suzy Ultman, Jennifer Judd-McGee, and Helen Dardik are some of my favorites who she represents. She’s started teaching online classes I think a year or two ago to teach artists how to make art that art buyers are interested in. Secrets on how to get Anthropologie to call you! I knew a bunch of folks that I really respect taking it and I really liked some of the work that came out of there. They aren’t cheap classes and I wasn’t at a place where I could do it.

She’s now offering a bootcamp class which is kinda get your feet wet and not as intense as the other online classes. I talked with Dave about it, because I have been feeling that my work was just not as good as it was in college. I spent countless hours refining and perfecting projects in school. I confess I have not been doing that since I got out of school. I haven’t had to present my work to my classmates and have them critique it. It’s been just Dave and me editing my work. It is tough for me being the only one that pushes me. I must admit it’s lonely at times working by myself.

All that to say, I signed up for her bootcamp last Monday and it’s been awesome! Last week we had to sketch cuckoo clocks. Here is where I started. But I knew I wanted a lot of detail and I loved the geometry in the bottom right sketch.


Below is my stack of sketches and final pieces to my big piece. I lack a lot of skills on drawing figures compared to my friend Tim. So there were a lot of animals that were meant to look like something but ended up looking like cats!


Here is the final piece! I am so happy with how it turned out. It felt so good to spend over a week working on this. The more I kept going, the more questions I had to answer. What if I put people in it? Ooh trees would go great here! Should it be a fence or should it be a door. Windows or just little doodle decorations? What animals should I draw? Or should they be children? Do I need to put anything on the roof? I’m so glad to be taking the class and plan on taking the next two BIG classes that are coming up. The community is really encouraging and drives me to be better.


One person in my class commented that she wanted my drawing made into a physical clock! And now I can’t stop thinking about making that happen! I know it would be crazy expensive for me to manufacture. But maybe someone like Land of Nod would see this and get that notion! ;) I’ll keep updating my blog with more new work and hope you enjoyed reading the process!